Jipatie Tovuti Bure

Jipatie Website kwa Ofa pamoja na Academic Management System kwa Shule yako, na ofa hii ni kwa muda maalum tu.

Kuanzia : Tsh 180,000/= .

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Features of Academic Management System

The best system for Evaluation, testing and report printing as well as a Parent Communication tool with the school academically

Shared Information

99.99% Uptime

Teachers and management shares everything about the Student academic status

100% Secured

Academic details for Student are secured and seen only by parent and teachers

Full Control

The parents can suggest anything about the student performance to the school

24/7 Support

IWe helps the school to make any changes to accomodate the need of the management

Dedicated User

99.99% Uptime

We are responsible for system availability all the time for a user

100% Secured

The data accessed by only management team and no access to external users.

Half Control

The School management to access and change anything in the system to suit their needs

24/7 Support

The system availability is our core abjectives as well as the website provided